Ea Kon (Air Con/Aire acondicionado)

 I finally figured out how to turn on my air conditioning unit. This is huge.

 Por fin me di cuenta de cómo se prende el aire acondicionado en mi apartamento. POR FIN.


 Looking at the handout we were given with translations for each of the buttons didn’t help. I just mashed a bunch of buttons, and presto change-o, my apartment no longer feels like an oven.

So happy. I think I might celebrate by chugging yet another 2-liter bottle of green tea or water.

 Examinar la hojita que nos dieron con las traducciones para cada uno de los botones no sirvió de nada. Acabo de espichar un montón de botones, y como si fuera magia mi apartamento ya no se siente como un horno.

Estoy tan feliz. Voy a celebrar por tomar aun otra botella de 2 litros de té verde.


5 responses to “Ea Kon (Air Con/Aire acondicionado)

  1. kitsunedaifuku

    The third setting down on the left is 冷ます which is to cool, select that one.
    Then on the right is high強 and low弱.

    • Yeah I remember 強 and 弱 from Japanese class and also 冷 but I guess it was the jet lag, the lack of sleep, and my air con unit being kind of weird that kind of threw me off… when in doubt, just mash buttons, I suppose! Thanks though 😀

  2. Kara Singsank

    HI Francisco! I am thinking about applying for JET and wanted to ask you a few questions but don’t have your email address. If you wouldn’t mind, could you email me at ksingsank@gmail.com whenever you get a chance please? Looks like Japan is a blast!

  3. No dejes de enviar tus relatos en espanol por favorrrrrr

    • Hola tio!!!!! Por fin encontre un tiempito para traducir mis relatos, que pena por la demora! Ademas tengo dos relatos mas para escribir y traducir, este fin de semana escalé la montana mas alta de la prefectura y tambien visité un castillo antiguo japones. Saludos desde la tierra del sol naciente!!!

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